We have used the Fileburst file hosting service continuously since 2004. During this time our software has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times without any issues and we are 100% satisfied with the service. We are unable to compare Fileburst with other hosting services because they are so good we have never had any reason to consider an alternative.

Matthew Jenkinson
Responsive Software

Fileburst's service is by far the best available on the Internet, especially for the low rate that they charge. I liked it so much that I use them for all of my high speed file hosting needs.

No other company I know of goes to such great lengths to provide their customers with this level of service. Not only do they have the lowest rates, but their interface is so drop dead easy that anyone just getting started can get setup in minutes. Highest recommendation.

Michael Rasmussen
Internet Marketing Blog

We've relied on Fileburst to provide us with the best in file hosting and download speeds for over 3 years now. The service received has been truly excellent and their support response rate has always been fast, helpful and informative.

Darren Bond
Global CAD