Fileburst Global CDN Solution for Gaming

Fileburst provides high speed content delivery solution for game developers and publishers. We understand that speed and reliability are very important for your users. With the increasing size of your game downloads/patches and the popularity of online gaming platform nowadays where your users can play from anywhere in the world, can your network keep up with the demand?

You can get started with Fileburst for as low as $49/month and enjoy the same global content delivery technology that has been used by Apple, Microsoft, and other top internet companies to deliver their software downloads and updates at high speed. Your downloads and game content will be cached across over 30 Global SuperPOPs in 5 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia) so your users will always download from the closest cache servers to their locations resulting in blazing fast download speed.

A fast gaming experience from your game downloads to playing will grow your audience and keep them playing longer – which means a stronger brand and an even stronger bottom line. Our solutions are ready to make you better today.

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