Fileburst Global CDN Solution for E-Commerce

Research shows that a significant percentage of online shopping carts are abandoned. Anyone selling goods online knows that the abandoned shopping cart is a common missed opportunity. While sometimes this is a result of a customer who changed their mind or intends to return later, it is often the result of a frustrated shopper who couldn’t find what they needed or tired of waiting for a page to load.

Further complicating matters, major search engines now take a site’s loading time into account when determining the ranking of a web site. For most online merchants, a significant percentage of new customers are the result of an organic search. For some, the difference of just one position for a search term can have a significant impact on their revenue. This means site loading time is more important than ever for online sellers.

To keep your site performing its best and making sales, you also need deep insight into your users and their experience: where they come from, how long they stay, how well your content performs for them, errors they encountered, and so on. This is critical information that most online merchants overlook, and it is why our e-commerce solutions include access to our best-in-the-industry analytics suite.

Finally, no e-commerce site is complete without a solid security strategy - and we won’t make you compromise on security in order to improve your site’s performance. That’s why we offer Secure HTTP and custom SSL certificates that integrate seamlessly into our global delivery platform.

When your site loads lightning-fast, your users - and the search engines - will love you. That means new shoppers will find you and it means your existing customers will keep coming back.

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