Direct link to your files
No long, complicated or hard to remember URL. Simple is always better!
Create download link alias
using your own domain
Serve public content using your own URLs with quick and easy CNAME support.
Password protect
folders easily
From the File Manager, you can protect any folder with passwords easily to secure your private or paid content.
Broad authentication options
to protect your content
* coming soon feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Protect your private content using token authentication, SWF authentication (for Flash content), and RTMPE. You can also restrict access by IP, TTL, URL, location, or referrer.
Setup expiring
download links
* coming soon feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Using token authentication, you can also setup download links that expire after certain period.
18 Global Delivery POPs
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Our network spans the globe, with our SuperPOPs (points of presence) located on four continents. These massive concentrations of caching servers are located at key Internet exchange points and are just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user on the planet. Because our SuperPOPs are strategically located at the center of the world’s fastest data interchanges, we are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs. Our CDN is efficient, scalable and the reason why we routinely outperform older CDNs in performance tests while remaining price-competitive.
100% Uptime Guarantee
We take business seriously and believe there should be no such thing as an unhappy customer. We are proud to offer you maximum 100% uptime guarantee for all our service plans, which is covered in our Service Level Agreement.
Massive Scalability
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Scale quickly, without worrying about host capacity, to accomodate flash crowds or other surges in demand. Handle huge traffic spikes without worrying about whether your host can handle it. Stream large numbers of simultaneous, distributed live events between many locations.
Any Device, Any Browser
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Serve live or on-demand to virtually any computing device, including mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Intelligent network routing
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Our global load balancing and intelligent dynamic routing ensures every user is served from the location optimal for them.
Robust Security
Be as strict - or permissive - as your needs require. Decide who can see your content based on location, time, credentials, or payment.
Support any media formats
and protocols
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Flash, Smooth Streaming, HTTP progressive, Windows Media, HTML5 - we do it all!
Secure SSL (HTTPS) Support

Secure SSL feature is currently included free of charge for Basic plan. For Plus and Premium CDN plans, there is an extra fee ($75/month) to enable it on all global POPs and we support a wide range of custom security certificates.

Rule Based Content Delivery
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Our new HTTP Rules Engine gives you highly granular control over how, when - and even if - your content is served. The possibilities are endless, but the end result is much more control over the security, cost, and burden of your content delivery. From within our web-based Control Panel, you can easily create custom rules that specify exactly how our edge servers cache and deliver your content.
Daily Updated Statistics
Access daily-updated information about your downloads, demographics, referers, etc.
Core CDN Reporting Module
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Monitor bandwidth, transfer rates, cache:hit ratio, and more. Segment reports by platform or in aggregate. See your file delivery, streaming, hits, by geography, updated hourly.
Advanced Content Analytics
* exclusive feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Enjoy deep views into audience information (referrer, host data, location, loyalty, etc) - all overlaid onto an interactive global map.
Edge Performance Analytics
* optional feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Get an up-close look at how your site is performing at the edge. Detailed information for each data center on server performance, cache configuration, protocols, compression, security, errors, response codes, and more.
Real-Time Statistics
* optional feature for Plus and Premium CDN plans
Dozens of up-to-the-minute graphs and reports of your bandwidth usage, object delivery, streaming connections, and purge and storage conditions. Monitor live events in real time.
Access to Raws Logs
You can download the raw logs for offline processing with your log analyzer software.
Download Speed Test
For Basic account
Download Speed Test
For Plus and Premium CDN accounts
Silverlight Streaming
Smooth streaming using Silverlight player
Flash Streaming
Watch Flash video streaming via RTMP

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